Monday, November 30, 2015

We all know how our mother did treasure her sarees. Why not? Sarees are our entity of our traditional culture and past values. In modern times, the attire is also prominently considered for fashion. In India, Saris are woven with love and tender care. In early age, royal saris were engulfed with real gold, precious stones or even skin of animals. Things of crafting sarees have changed, but love for the attire remains to be constant.

Women are always very much fond of sarees, as it is the best outfit you can wear anywhere you like weather it is party or wedding or any traditional functions. It suits all situations. Just the thing matter is that what you wear, how you wear, and how comfort you are!! This all things matters to your comfort zone. Lot has been changed when it comes to making of the saree. Right from hand embroidery work to modern machine work many things are changing. Now there are many different types of sarees are available in the market. Luminous advantage of wearing a saree is that they are more roomy and comfortable. Variant combination of fabrics are available at very feasible prices.

Georgette Saree: Georgette saree was invented in early 20th century. And its name was given to that fabric after that. It is originally made up of silk. It has bright colors and good printed blouse and saree. Georgette is light-weighted and less lustrous than any other fabric with characteristics of crinkly surface of saree. Even if you prefer to go for online georgette saree than it is a good opportunity to buy designer and best selling sarees. You get various designs and prints to buy for any occasions you want.

Chiffon Saree: Chiffon basically is made up of cotton, silk and some synthetic fibers. Chiffon is all time favorite fabric of all women. As it is light weighted and having good color in it. You can take simple saree or printed saree. Now in simple or plain saree you have single colored or multi-colored forms. Printed and Multi-colored sarees are the best selling form, as it has various color combination and good prints in it.As you will get good saree with fewer prices and can get ideas of colors required and which suits you and your personality.

Net Saree: Basically, net are used in many occupations, but from last 3-4 years nets are also used in clothing. With the help of net many designers had made many outfits such as dresses, kurtis, anarkali dresses, sarees, etc… but for now we will focus on sarees. There are many patterns for net sarees, but basically types are only two i.e. half net and full net saree. In half net saree, pallu will be of net and bottom will be of any other fabric or material. And in fill net saree whole saree is of net. When you go for online net saree you will get all this options with many designs and both type of sarees also. 

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